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Asena's Ascension (in progress) by Uprising

Asuna, a demon wolf, has been gifted the ability to travel to the Light Plains in order to save both worlds from collapse. Using portals scattered around the floating lands to solve puzzles and advance, Asuna must restore the Ancient Life Crystals and defeat the evil to stop the tremors from ripping the islands apart. Join Asuna through her journey across the beautiful Light Plains and the dangerous Dark Plains of the islands and help guide her through her journey. 

Luminous by Dragon Lens Studio

You are lost in the woods but you have your trusty candle by your side to help guide you through the forest.  You are hunted by a death fox god that is the keeper of the forest. Light is saving you from being eaten up by the fox. Use your wits and solve puzzles by lighting torches with the corresponding colors that you can change your candle to by activating mushrooms. Look for lanterns as they save your progress and keep your candle full.



by RedQueen Inc.

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