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This is the first single off my audio-visual gallery album, available on all streaming platforms.


Eiji John Mitsuta

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"a sound explorer"

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I am a Japan-based composer and sound artist, producing music from concert, to soundtracks, experimental and the mainstream. Working mainly in film, theatre, contemporary art, and new media, I also release music as a solo artist and work with collaborators across the globe.

I am also the Creative Director & Chief of Music Production at Japanese Culture Promotion and Management.


  • Roland Award

  • Berklee Achievement Scholardship Award

  • Jan A. P. Kaczmarek Award

My Music

Exploring sound is central to my work.


My path to a career in composition began with a focus on drums and percussion. I was heavily influenced by the sounds of my youth—from the mixtapes my Filipina mother played, to the cacophony of Tokyo street life and the gentle rhythms of the Philippine countryside.


What others may consider noise—the hum of a crowd, birds chirping, the patter of the rain—to me is as musical as symphonies or sonatas. Much of my work revolves around bringing sounds to life, developing what I hear around me into music.


To me, composed works are like buildings that house our emotions, while sound reflects the natural world. 


I consider myself an explorer of sounds.