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Eiji John Infante Mitsuta

Composer | Sound Artist

Born in the Philippines and raised in Japan’s international community, Eiji John Infante Mitsuta is a composer and sound artist whose work marries music with visuals and even space.


Being a vessel of music and sound, Eiji engages with different art forms as a way to distil the vast resonance he experiences in the world around him. Graduating with an Associate of Arts Degree at Los Angeles College of Music and a Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music (magna cum laude), Eiji went on to compose for film, games, advertising, contemporary art, and new media. He has worked for clients such as NHK BS, Universal Studios Japan, and Canon Inc. His works and collaborations have also been selected at global events including the Glasgow Film Festival, HollyShorts Film Festival and San Francisco Silent Film Festival. With content being consumed in increasingly different ways, Eiji’s work has been on platforms such as NOWNESS Asia, Amazon Prime, and Japanese giants like Toho Cinemas and Abema TV.


Eiji’s journey with music began with drums and percussion. Born into a Filipino-Japanese home, he was heavily influenced by the mixtapes his mother played, the gentle rhythms of the Philippine countryside, and the cacophony of Tokyo street life. What others consider noise - the buzz of a crowd, birds chirping, the patter of the rain - to him is an arrangement of symphonies and sonatas. To him, composed works are like buildings that house our emotions, while sound reflects the natural world. He considers himself an explorer of sounds.


In his latest solo work, Eiji released an audio-visual concept album titled Pixels, which explores and brings together two distinct, yet oddly connected, passions of his: French impressionism and retro video games.

Eiji’s music is the product of close collaboration with creators in various fields.

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