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Bird Cage

A virtual sound gallery of birds songs from around the world composed by Eiji John Infante Mitsuta.


Everything sings. 

Singing is how all things communicate. Singing helps things find or avoid one another, it deepens bonds between some things and separates others. It’s how things announce their existence. So - sing, sing all day long. I want to hear what you sound like, and so does everything else. If other things hear you they might sing back.

"I want you to be what you want to be. And I won't be happy if I've got you in a cage. You'd be a bird without song."


Alan Watts


(Recommended to keep this playing throughout at a fairly low volume)

Izu birds with black-capped chikadee

Waitomo birds with evening ambience

Florida swamps

Thailand jungle

Owl, owl, owl...

Plastic seagulls

Urban geese

Parrot squawk

Kabankalan cocks

Thank you for listening.


Bird Cage by Eiji John Infante Mitsuta
(Concept, Music, Sound, Film)

Assistant, Gaffer
- Yuuji Mitsuta
Visual Consultant - Zo
e Ng

Copyright 2023 © Eiji John Infante Mitsuta. All Rights Reserved

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