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Forest Bathing

Eiji John Infante Mitsuta creates a sound forest to “bathe” in with a group of loudspeakers in the Japanese-style garden of Villa Kamogawa. Weaving together original music and a collection of bird songs from various continents with ironically reflected sounds of the modern world, especially made for the occasion of the 60 year anniversary of the Goethe-Institut in Kyoto and a tribute to the connection between art, culture and nature.






Exhibition & Sound by Eiji John Infante Mitsuta

Curated by Goethe-Institut, Enzio Wetzel

Techinical Support by Naoki Ishida

Videos/Photos by Steffan Roe Griffiths, Eiji John Infante Mitsuta

Shot by Steffan Roe Griffiths

Special Thanks - Hiroko Hori, Sawai Noriko

Copyright 2024 © Eiji John Infante Mitsuta. All Rights Reserved

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