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Nuit Blanche Kyoto 2023 - THE TERMINAL KYOTO

“White paper, the brush is dancing, sound of ink.”

This unique piece was realized in collaboration with videographer Margot Gaches, calligrapher Hiroshi Ueta and composer/sound artist Eiji John Infante Mitsuta. 


First, we started by defining to each other one’s own vision of “ma”. We found common ground with the idea of silence. For Hiroshi Ueta, silence resides in a dot or in a circle of black ink that spreads on a white paper. When inside the silence, you cannot feel it. Sound is necessary to experience silence.


For Eiji John Infante Mitsuta, silence is infinite. It is all and nothing. Silence is a type of sound.


For Margot Gaches, silence lies in the breath you take between two sentences or two


With these ideas in mind, we attempted to create a piece that translated our different visions of silence. It became alive through the organic breathing movement of the ink spreading in and out on the paper.

DSCF6166 copie.jpg
DSCF6165 copie.jpg
DSCF6045 copie10x15.jpg
DSCF6044 copie.jpg


Filmed/Edited by Margot Gaches

Sound/Music by Eiji John Infante Mitsuta

Calligraphy by Hiroshi Ueta

Curated by Aurélie Carlet

Venue - The Terminal Kyoto

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