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A collaboration between Dance Artist/Choreographer Miku Tsuchiya and Composer/Sound Artist Eiji John Mitsuta, ensō is a theatrical piece inspired by the philosophy of ensō (円相, "circular form"), the ancient symbol of zen: presence and/or absence, emptiness and/or fullness, enlightenment, the universe, or mu (the void or no-thing).

This theatrical experience marriages dance and sound as dancer Miku Tsuchiya embodies the idea of ensō using the sound of dry leaves, space and the body that reflects on the impermanent circle of life.

The word ‘ensō’ is also interpreted as “musical performance” (演奏) or “circular window” (円窓), "A window that reflects your mind." This work reflects on how each of us perceive dance, music, and art but most importantly, how each of us experience and define this thing we call life.

Choreography, Performance, Concept & Stage Design: Miku Tsuchiya

Music, Sound, Concept & Stage Design: Eiji John Mitsuta

Lighting, Live Sound & Stagehand: SPS Takumi
Performed at Numazu Civic Cultural Center, March 13th 2022

Miku Tsuchiya

As a dancer, Miku was part of the Canada based contemporary dance company, W&M Physical Theatre, where she has danced in various projects and festivals in Canada, Poland, and the United States.


She also worked in interdisciplinary projects that combined dance with other arts form such as visual art, film, and music including Japanese traditional instruments. One of her works - ‘ONES’ with Dutch visual artist Anne Verheij was nominated for the Best Experimental Short Film Award at the 2017 London Short Film Festival.

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Eiji John Mitsuta

I am a Japan-based composer and sound artist, producing music from concert, to soundtracks and the experimental. Working mainly in film, theatre, contemporary art, and new media, I also release music as a solo artist and work with collaborators across the globe.


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  • Jan A. P. Kaczmarek Award

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